Mental Health is great problems among youngster

Mental Health

About 500 million people are believed to suffer from stress-related, neurotic, and somatoform (psychological problems which presents themselves as physical complaints) disorders. Mental health is not mere absence of mental illness. Mentally healthy person has three main characteristics:
-He feels comfortable about himself.
-He neither underestimates nor overestimates his ability.
-He is able to meet the demands of life.

Causes of mental illness are organic conditions and social pathological causes. In Newari language some people say "DIKKA JULA" that means headache.Newari has many festivals.They have many problems of money to perform such activities.then they say 'PAISA MARU DIKKA JULA'.There must be a combination of genetic and environmental factors. It includes worries , anxieties, emotional stress, tension, frustration, unhappy marriages ,broken homes, poverty , industrialization, changing family structure ,rejection ,neglect., insecurity ,economic and like.
Due to such types of mental illness people are engaged in drug addiction and do many social crimes.

Prevention of Allergies

Prevention of Allergies

There is a plethora of allergy medications which
supposedly provide relief for the watery eyes,
itchy/runny nose and sneezing. Over the counter
antihistamines and decongestants are the best
kinds of over-the-counter drugs to take.
Using steam therapy to clear out nasal passages
is also a great way to obtain relief. Since many
believe that symptoms of asthma are attributed to
a spring/summer cold, the best thing to do to
determine whether you are allergic to pollen is to
receive a skin test or a blood test. There are
different ways of prevention for different ways of

Creating a dark ink tattoo in black and white vector images

Creating a dark ink tattoo in black and white vector images
To create a specific color or a dark shadow, the first needle dipped in colored ink. Now if you want to create a light shade of your tattoos, then dip the needle in a little water before you penetrate into the skin. This will help the ink stay more tender and will not stick to the skin. This will lighten the color of ink and will give specific tattoo area shaded effect. You can add a drop of black ink. You can go on increasing black content if you want a darker shade. However, make sure that you do not add too much black in one go, especially if you want change halus.atau other words can be made in a blur (blur)

How to Make Your Skin Tattoo looks Lighter

How to Make Your Skin Tattoo looks Lighter
How to Make Your Skin Tattoo looks lighter to the lighter skin are choosing products that appear in television ads. In fact, many of the most knowledgeable about natural products that can work the dark or wondering tanned skin and helps to get a fair skin with ease. However, many common items, which you use day-to-day life and are easily available, can reduce the dark color of the skin and make you look more fair. This home treatment is better for your skin when compared with the cosmetics and chemical products available in the market.

Here are some solutions for your tattoo skin appear lighter.

Here are some solutions for your tattoo skin appear lighter.
Most of the process takes time to show the desired results, but it is effective and has no side effects.

All the materials prepared from the face of available packages in your kitchen. Prepare the mixture with 1 teaspoon honey, 1 tsp. milk powder, ½ tsp. almond oil and 1 tsp. lemon juice. Apply the mixture on the face and neck with upward strokes. Let the pack dry for 15 minutes and rinse it off with warm water. Repeat the application until you get the desired results

New sample tattoo day temporary

New sample tattoo day temporaryThis tattoo is very beautiful and charming, there are tattoo animals, fruits, moon, tattoo is suitable for small children with a white color and can be made

tattoo hands with dragon images

tattoo hands with dragon images
Temporary tattoo art design and if you want to make this kind of tattoo, please prepare an image that will tattoo you use, make sure your new needles or sterilized to prevent infectious diseases, such as skin allergies.

Bug bites

Bug bites

It’s important to wear proper attire when walk through
tall grass land. You must pay attention to strange
symptoms you may experience while at play outside.
Bug bites are common during the time of the year.
You must wash your hands thoroughly and frequently
during the day. Many illnesses are born of common bacteria.
Such types of bacteria are easily found in grass.
So it’s always a good idea that prevention is better
than care.



What is the exactly the meaning of adolescence? The adolescence is nothing but the age group between 10 to 19 is period of adolescence among different phases of development of man.
We mostly fall in adolescence group from childhood. There they are considered as adolescence. The WHO (World Health Organization defines adolescence as the age between 10 to 19 years.
There are different changes during adolescence time .They are as follows
Physical changes
Physical changes are the overall growth and development occurring in the size and function of different organs and systems in the body .such changes occur in adolescence time rapidly.
External changes are different in adolescence boys and girls. Internal systems are also changing rapidly such as bones, muscles, glands, digestive system, blood circulatory system and reproductive system.
Mental changes
During adolescence a number of changes also occur in the mental set up. Some mental changes are as follows:
Creativity analytic power and mental maturity grows during adolescence.
Adolescents begin to understand their responsibilities towards self, family, and society in general.
Emotional changes
There are a number of changes also in the emotional set up of adolescents.
These include stronger feelings and expressions of happiness, sadness, anger, likes and love and hatred.
Adolescence is a period of development of newer emotions which are not so prominent in children.
Social changes
During adolescence, both males and females begin to socialize more.
Their group interactions and activities also increase.
Friendship plays an important role in the lives of adolescents.



There are different ways that people may have allergy.
Some people may have allergy when sees mass of people.
Now a days, with spring comes a host of sinus and nasal
issues, mainly due to the release of pollen from weeds,
trees, and grass. Adverse reactions to pollen are generally
called hay fever, or rose fever. Because of the abundance
of pollen in the air during springtime, it is extremely
difficult escape breathing in those itchy molecules.
Some people who are exposed to large amounts of pollen
can develop asthma. Environment becomes dusty and may
cause allergy.

Adolescence time is very risky

Adolescence time is very risky

During this time teenagers boys and girls cannot able to take right decision in their life. But they have to think their problems many times or consult with elders. This is time that we make our future.
Problems during time of Adolescence
Several physical, mental, sociaal,and emotional problems appear during adolescence. These problems occur mainly because of the changing physical and mental state of the individuals and that of the society in general. Some common problems during adolescence are as follows:
Increased mental tensions so in this time teenagers do many mistakes in their life.
1.Peer and parental pressure.
2.Unadjusted family and social situations.
4.Tendency to hide things.
5.Drop out from school.
6.Sexual perversion.
7.Early marriage and teenage pregnancy.
8.Deviation to antisocial activities.
9.Beginning to smoke/drug abuse and alcohol intake.

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs)

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs)

The diseases transmitted from one individual to another through the sexual contact are called sexually transmitted diseases.
Sexually transmitted diseases are communicable diseases that are mainly transmitted thought sexual contact. These are commonly called STDs.
There are various types of transmitted diseases through sexual contact.
1. Syphilis: Syphilis is contagious diseases .It affects firstly in sex organs. Then after it affects the hearth, lungs and minds. It is cause by germs called "Treponema Pallidum".
2. Gonorrohoea: Gonorrohoea is one of the oldest human diseases. It is caused by a germ called "Gonococcus of Neisser". It affects the genitals (sex Organs), urethra, anus, throat and cervix. It is also transmitted by sexual intercourse.
3. HIVS/AIDS: It is also sexually transmitted disease. AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is viral infection caused by Human Immune deficiency Virus (HIV).HIV infections leads to AIDS. HIV is transmitted through
-sexual relation with an infected person,
-the use of infected syringes and needles,
-blood transfusion, and
-infected mother or her unborn child.
So one must be careful with these diseases.

How to implement Sex Education

Sex Education

Sex education is urge/feelings that attract man and woman to each other .It is also taken as a drive/ force, which influences our family life. Sexuality is a kind of feeling or awareness about oneself and surroundings. Love, recognition, sharing and belonging are the constant sexual needs of an individual throughout childhood to adulthood.
Sexuality is lie long process, which contributes to healthy sexual reproductive practices.
Sex Education can be defined as a process of bringing changes in knowledge, attitude and practice about different aspects of sec which can make the sexual life of a person happy and healthy.
Thus through the sex education, we can learn about the reproductive systems, different development stages, healthy sexual behaviors, sexual disease and their control. With the help of these things we can bring about changes in our behaviors and a healthy sexual life.
So sex education is very important to solve sexual problems, to prevent us from STDs, HIV/AIDS, to inform about sex related issues, to remove our mis-conceptions of sex and sexuality, to get answer on sex related issues.

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