Mental Health is great problems among youngster

Mental Health

About 500 million people are believed to suffer from stress-related, neurotic, and somatoform (psychological problems which presents themselves as physical complaints) disorders. Mental health is not mere absence of mental illness. Mentally healthy person has three main characteristics:
-He feels comfortable about himself.
-He neither underestimates nor overestimates his ability.
-He is able to meet the demands of life.

Causes of mental illness are organic conditions and social pathological causes. In Newari language some people say "DIKKA JULA" that means headache.Newari has many festivals.They have many problems of money to perform such activities.then they say 'PAISA MARU DIKKA JULA'.There must be a combination of genetic and environmental factors. It includes worries , anxieties, emotional stress, tension, frustration, unhappy marriages ,broken homes, poverty , industrialization, changing family structure ,rejection ,neglect., insecurity ,economic and like.
Due to such types of mental illness people are engaged in drug addiction and do many social crimes.