Lower leg tattoo mix Maori / Samoan style

Hi there,

At the moment, things are quite busy and I get a lot of requests for custom designs, sometimes up to 5 or 6 a day...! :)
Really nice ofcourse, but unfortunately my time is limited and I really want to focus on each design, so I have to pick and choose the designs that I really enjoy and fit my style.
My apology for all people I have to dissapoint...

A few days ago I received an e-mail from a customer living in the UK. He was looking for a tattoo for his lower leg, mainly the calf, but partially wrapping around his leg.
It had to be something similar to this mixed Maori / Samoan inspired tattoo design I did a few weeks ago.

These pieces are my favourites, especially in a symmetrical design, because it just looks really great and clean.

First I started with a template from the measurements of the leg and roughly sketch out the lines of the tatoo:

pencil sketch tattoo designer maori stylesymmetrical maori samoan tattoo flash leg calf

The two big koru curles will wrap around the sides of the calf and the vertical row of spearheads will be centered on the back of the leg. The Samoan pattern will wrap around to the front of the leg, just below the knee.

After a few hours of adding the detailed patterns, scanning and retouching, I added the shading and gradients in Photoshop.

The final design looks like this:

Samoan Maori leg tattoo flash designs for sale

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Armband tribal tattoo with star


I have been working on an armband tattoo for a Dutch customer. He wanted a mixed tribal style with some nice sharp edges.
The design had to be seamless and incorporate an existing star on the inside of his wrist.
I'm not really keen on working around existing tattoos, but for this time it was not very much of a problem.

The size had to be 7 cm wide and a full wrap around the wrist with a seamless fit.

Here you van see how I started on the design:

tattoos sketches pencil drawings

The outer sides that are in blue show how the design will make a seamless fit:

tribal armband tattoo sketch designs koru

I had to adjust some koru shapes, because it looked a little bit too much like a love symbol.
This is the final sketch and the high resolution design:

triangle armband tattoos designs flash imageshigh quality flash for sale maori kirituhi style

I'll be back soon with another project, probably a lower leg project.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

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Final Chatham Island tattoo design


Today I finished my design of the Catham Islands in a tribal style.
My client wanted some adjustments to make it look less sharp, so I rounded some tribal elements at the bottom of the tattoo.
Here's the final sketch and the high resolution design.

island tattoos sketch flash images custom tatoohigh res maori polynesian flash designs for free

Ps. I also created a profile and a small gallery on Deviantart.com and placed my latest designs on this site.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

New maori inspired forearm tattoo


I'm still working on some other custom tattoo projects, but there is some time left to add some new flash designs to my collection.
These images are for sale on my website and you can also order it right on this page.
I made a sketch for a forearm tatoo which can be used for both the inside of the lower arm as the outside.

Here 's the first pencil sketch I made:

how to design a forearm tribal maori tattoo

The design is filled with a repetitive line pattern, simple but it gives a clean look to the overall image.
I traced it and then went to work in Photoshop, to touch up the tattoo and add a nice depth/3d effect.
Here's the final tatoo, the original size is 31 x 14 cm (12 x 5,5 inches)

Price for the stencil and high resolution image is 29,75 euro (42 USD)

maori tribal forearm tattoo images websites

As soon as I receive your payment, you'll be sent two .jpg files by e-mail.

Any questions? Just let me know.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

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Tattoo Chatham Island in Maori style


At the moment I'm working on a special tattoo. A girl from the Chatham Islands (a small island on the eastside of New Zealand) wanted a tattoo in the shape of her island, but then in an abstract maori inspired style.
This is google map of the place:

maori tattoo designer new zealand

First I made a few quick images to see if she liked the idea of a tattoo pattern masked by the shape of the island:
maori pattern island shape chathamisland maori tatoo designchatham island tattoo design

Unfortunately this was not exactly what she was looking for.
The tattoo had to be loosely based on the shape of the island, with a maori pattern to it.
The size had to be something like 10 x 12 cm, so quite small.
I made a new pencil sketch and sent it to my client:

I just sent it today, so hopefully I can get back to you tomorrow with a final design.

Best wishes, Mark Storm