Importnt Tips and Tricks From The Rehabilitation Of Tattoo

Rehabilitation Of Tattoo

tattoo removal important tips and tricks from the rehabilitation of tattoo:

Do not Use Pads
Better for your tattoo so exposed and able to breathe fresh air.

Do not get Sun Direct
Although it was a good idea to have your tattoo exposed to air, you'll want to keep it out of direct sunlight at least the first month. Even after it has completely healed, make sure to always close with a good sunscreen to prevent fading and color loss.

Do Taxable Water or Swim
avoid your tattoo wet for about a month too. Showers are ok, but you do not want to soak in hot water. No-no other while we're on the subject of your tattoo rubbed down too hard with a towel. Simply pat the area and allow excess moisture to dry.

Keep It Clean
It is important to keep your new tattoo clean and moisturized with lotion scent or non-healing light layer of ointment like Neosporin. Also, be sure to avoid scratching your tattoo if it feels itchy. If a scab forms, do not peel it and let it heal naturally.

Paint tattoo gallery

Bird tattoo design..
Paint tattoo gallery

Josua Tattoo artist design body

 unique tattoo design by romeo

woman body tattoo
professional tattoo artists for over twenty years

Do not let dry out your tattoo

Do not let dry out your tattoo, and no more than the prevailing Lotion. We have found that because Curél Tattoo Goo Lotion and Lotion are glycerin based, they let the new tattoo is applied to "breathe" and heal much faster than other lotions.

Any mineral oil based product clogs the skin pores and not allow the skin to "breathe" effectively. If you choose to use Bag Balm, to be rubbed into the skin, and then after a few minutes everything should be removed (using a damp towel is best). Bag Balm seem to require less applications per day, but should be checked throughout the day to drought. If you experience problems with this product, please contact us.

Do not use antibiotic ointments or take oral antibiotics unless your doctor has prescribed them. You do not prevent infection with antibiotics, you prevent infection by keeping your tattoo clean! This ointment and mineral oil-based ALL keep oxygen, a natural healing agent, from reaching the skin surface. In addition, many people have allergic reactions to antibiotics.

Tattoo online : design maestro trend tribal

black link sensitive tattoo

grips tattoo ring

woman tattoo
All the grips of New image and trick tips made from high grade stainless steel for easy cleaning with tattoo drawings and will provide a sense of comfort. we overcome the various tattoo stainless steel and styles including various diameters ranging from 16mm up to 25mm all-inclusive re-rod. all this with a very professional tool, this tattoo can in delete with this tool.

Samoan Maori mixed tattoo for the shoulder


In my holiday I designed a new shoulder piece, with a mix of Samoan and Maori/Kirituhi inspired elements.

The top of the tattoo has some nice Samoan arrowhead patterns and other detailed elements.
I made a shading for this piece, which I normally don't, but I guess it looks good on this tatoo design.

I used some really simple Maori koru pattern, to complement the detailed Samoan-style.

This design is not a custom design, so you can order it on my website (nr. 147 in the Shoulder gallery), or right now by clicking the "Buy now" button. You will receive a high resolution image + a linedrawing/stencil for your tattoo artist.

Samoan maori tattoo designs mixed

Best regards, Mark Storm

New tattoo designs added to


A few months ago I started working on a new set of tattoo designs. At this moment I created 6 new designs and updated my galleries on

The first design is for the lower leg, placed on the shin and the sides will wrap around the calf.
The second design can also be used for the calf or shin, but it would look good on the forearm/shoulder as well.

The three designs below are designed for the forearm.

Click the images to enter the tattoo gallery:

maori lower leg tattoosmaori shin tattoos

maori forearm feathers tattoo designkirituhi forearm tribal tattoorealistic feathers in maori tattoo

And here is one new shoulder tattoo design:

Any questions? Just let me know,

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Samoan inspired tattoo sleeve


Here's another project, a Samoan inspired design for the upper arm and shoulder.
One of my customers wanted a Samoan-style tattoo, so only the fills and lines and no further meanings in it. He wanted it to be very detailed and symmetrical.

My progressing sketches looked like this:

And finally the end result:

Ps. I'm working on an update of my website galleries, to add the latest designs to the galleries. There will be around 7 new tattoos available, one in a mixed maori/samoan style and 5 or 6 in a Maori inspired style with some nice realistic detailed feathers.

I'll let you know when it's ready and where you can find these images.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Tribal tattoo wrapping around the forearm


As promised, here's another design projects I have been working on in the weeks behind.
Forearm and leg tattoos (especially symmetrical designs) are my favourite pieces to draw. I really like the idea of a flowing design that is not too complicated, that gives a nice clean look. That is also why I use symmetry a lot.
This design is for a customer from the UK, he wanted a complete forearm tattoo, wrapping around and having a seamless fit.

You can see the tatoo sketches below:

I started with the flowing koru curles and added a line of spear- or arrowheads in the centerline of the tattoo. Then I made some fills with lines and triangles and the 6 small curls bending towards the arrowheads. Finally I added a few stars.

My customer liked some oldskool sharp tribal shapes, so in the second sketch you can see that I added it to the design:

forearm tribal tattoo design in maori style sketchpencil sketch of a tribal forearm tattoo

I get quite a large amount of requests for custom tattoos, so I have to pick and choose the design projects I like best. If you are interested in this kind of designs, for the forearm or lower leg, you can contact me by here.

Till soon!

Oohps, almost forgot to show you the final result :)

high quality tattoo design for the forearm

Regards, Mark

Maori wood carving design for a spinning wheel

Hi there!

A few months ago since my last post, really busy with renovating part of my house. It's finished now, so now I have more time to let you know what I'm doing and I will try to post a few projects each week.

A month ago I received an e-mail from a customer who wanted me to decorate her spinning wheel with some nice maori inspired patterns, a really nice thing to do next to designing tattoos.
It's done in the modern wood "carving" technique; the drawing will be put on it by a laser, burning it into the wood.
Here's the original spinning wheel.

I created 3 different designs in the same kirituhi style, one for the large wheel, one for the pedals and another one for the arm of the spinning wheel.

Here are the sketches and some of the final designs that I did:

maori wood carving design on spinning wheeltattoo designs on objects spinning wheelkoru maori pattern tribal spinning wheel

I really enjoy doing these kind of projects, so if you want me to decorate something with my designs, just let me know!

maori culture art wood carvingpedals carving decoration tattoo spinning wheel in maori style
Any questions? Just let me know.

Kind regards, Mark