How to design a maori shoulder tattoo: Step four

I completely filled the tattoo sketch with maori, tribal and polynesian style shapes.
The design is finished in pencil and at this stage it's not very clean and tight.

Here's the combined picture of both sides of the tattoo fitting perfectly and seamless:

Now I use a quality marker with a tip of 2mm, and start tracing the entire design.
After a few years of practise a got quite a steady hand for drawing straight sharp lines.

Tomorrow I post the entire Maori shoulder tattoo design.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

How to design a maori shoulder tattoo: Step three

The ferns and maori shapes like curles are ready now.
Then I start sketching and filling the empty spaces in the design.
I like to use triangles, squares and repeating shapes, so the tattoo will have some rythm and flow to it.

To make the tattoo design fit around the upper arm, I have to make sure the two sides of the drawing line up exactly and make a seamless fit.

This can be done like this: First design one side of your shoulder tattoo. Just make the tribal shapes and lines you wish.
Then scan this and print it to a sheet of paper.
Cut the shape and put the printed paper on the other side of the design, aligning with the other border.

Tomorrow I will illustrate this drawing technique with an example image.

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Questions? Just let me know!

Kind regards, Mark Storm

How to design a maori shoulder tattoo: Step two

When the first rough outline of the shoulder tattoo is set, I try to make some nice flowing curls and koru shapes.
The koru fern is a representation of peace and tranquility along with a strong sense of regrowth or new beginnings.

I like to combine different tribal tattoo elements, like triangles and Polynesian style signs and tattoo shapes.

Here's the picture of the second step:

Tomorrow I will post the next step. Subscribe to my feed to keep updated.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

How to design a maori shoulder tattoo: Step one

This is the first step in designing a Maori style tattoo for the shoulder.

Materials used:

- A3 paper (29,7 x 42 cm) 200 grams/m2
- B1 pencil
- Eraser
- Ruler

The measurements for the tattoo depend on the size of a persons arm and shoulder.

First I draw the border of the design. A circle in the middle will cover the shoulder.
The bottom shape will wrap around the biceps and will fit seamless when ready.

Next image will be posted soon.

Kind regards,

Mark Storm

How to draw a Maori tribal shoulder tattoo


I have been working on a new custom tattoo piece, and I would like to show you a few photo's of the design process.

It's a step by step example, first I make a rough sketch with pencil and I tweak and alter it till the customer is satisfied with the design.
Then I trace the lines and shapes with a black marker.

I will post the pictures soon.

Kind regards, Mark Storm

Final traced tattoo drawings in Maori style


Once a pencil sketch is completed, I trace the image with a black marker and erase all pencil stripes.
The drawings are scanned at 300 DPI and optimized in Photoshop CS3.
Here are the finalized images of the surfer tattoo design and the chest design both in Maori style.

Any questions or comments? Please let me know!

In the week ahead I will be working on 2 other custom designs, one tattoo design for the calf and a Maori chest piece.
You'll see the sketches ASAP.

Kind regards,

Mark Storm