A man killed by mold spores called Aspergillus

Now most people know that molds in a house is a big concern for health. And there is one more scientific evidence.

A healthy man with a normal immune system who inhaled mold spores (Aspergillus) while doing gardening work actually died in a few days. This incident is reported in a scientific journal "The Lancet" as well as in the UK press in June 2008.

Mold spores inhaled by human can penetrate deep into lungs and lodged in lungs' aveoli. The mold Aspergillus spores are so small that they are very fit in lungs' aveoli. Mold spores will germinate when warm and humid, while the human immune system will counter-attack.

The overwhelming immune response indeed arrest and shut down the man's system. He died within days from the mold disease called "invasive aspergillosis".

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Finished Maori Shoulder piece

Here's the finished shoulder tattoo design in Maori style.

I have to add it to my website/webshop, but here's a small preview for you.

Last week I made a custom
piece for a customer from N
It had to match the style of an existing tattoo.
He wanted a symmetrical design, based on a fish/shark, with elements like triangles and scales.

inspiration also resulted in another shoulder piece.
Not a
vailable on my website yet, because I need to scan it in high resolution.
Please let me know what you think of
the latest designs!

I'm working on a step by step example on how to I design my maori shoulder pieces. Hope to post it in a few days.

Kind regards,


Maori Shoulder Piece

Hi there,

Today I worked on a new Maori shoulder piece.
When I draw a new design, I start with a sheet of paper,
200 grams, size A3 (29,7 x 42cm).

The materials I use are just a simple medium hard pencil for the first sketch.

First I make a rough sketch for the shape of the design.
Then some main elements are designed and I try to get a nice flow in the overall design.
(My tattoo's have no specific meanings, I just combine different tattoo styles into one esthetic image)

When that's done, I fill the small shapes with nice triangles, lines or other tribal tattoo patterns.

Finally I trace the tattoo design with a black marker and remove the pencil lines.

If you have questions on my Maori designs, just contact me at info@storm3d.com,

Kind regards, Mark Storm