Do not let dry out your tattoo

Do not let dry out your tattoo, and no more than the prevailing Lotion. We have found that because Curél Tattoo Goo Lotion and Lotion are glycerin based, they let the new tattoo is applied to "breathe" and heal much faster than other lotions.

Any mineral oil based product clogs the skin pores and not allow the skin to "breathe" effectively. If you choose to use Bag Balm, to be rubbed into the skin, and then after a few minutes everything should be removed (using a damp towel is best). Bag Balm seem to require less applications per day, but should be checked throughout the day to drought. If you experience problems with this product, please contact us.

Do not use antibiotic ointments or take oral antibiotics unless your doctor has prescribed them. You do not prevent infection with antibiotics, you prevent infection by keeping your tattoo clean! This ointment and mineral oil-based ALL keep oxygen, a natural healing agent, from reaching the skin surface. In addition, many people have allergic reactions to antibiotics.