How to implement Sex Education

Sex Education

Sex education is urge/feelings that attract man and woman to each other .It is also taken as a drive/ force, which influences our family life. Sexuality is a kind of feeling or awareness about oneself and surroundings. Love, recognition, sharing and belonging are the constant sexual needs of an individual throughout childhood to adulthood.
Sexuality is lie long process, which contributes to healthy sexual reproductive practices.
Sex Education can be defined as a process of bringing changes in knowledge, attitude and practice about different aspects of sec which can make the sexual life of a person happy and healthy.
Thus through the sex education, we can learn about the reproductive systems, different development stages, healthy sexual behaviors, sexual disease and their control. With the help of these things we can bring about changes in our behaviors and a healthy sexual life.
So sex education is very important to solve sexual problems, to prevent us from STDs, HIV/AIDS, to inform about sex related issues, to remove our mis-conceptions of sex and sexuality, to get answer on sex related issues.