Beautiful Back Piece Tattoo by Darcy Nutt

This video shows tattoo artist Darcy Nutt making a good job in the back of this guy. This is a beautiful full back piece tattoo and it took long hours of hard work to see it finished. After around twelve sessions of tattooing, Darcy Nutt was able to add it to her catalog and professional resume. I don't know what this Indian God Tattoo means but, after all, who cares? This guy was very lucky of having been tattooed by Darcy and, for sure, he was happy with the work. So, enjoy the video and comment.


Good job, isn't? Twelve sessions of tattooing were needed for this guy to show his new tattoo to his friends. More Tattoo Videos like this will be added soon, just stay tuned with American Tattoos and don't forget to share this post with your friends. See you later and take care, folks. Good Bye.

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