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Hello, Tattoo Lovers. This is my personal About page. I think it's a good idea to let you know who is the crazy blogger behind this blog. Well, let me tell you that my real name is Israel Aleman, and I decided to be a professional blogger since 2010. Actually, I am residing in McAllen, Texas, in where my central operations point is located in. American Tattoos is the first online adventure, in a serious way, that I have taken out to make of it one of the most popular and successful blogs about Tattoos and Inked Body Art in the whole world wide web.

With your help, I think this dream will be possible very soon. After all, I am a Tattoo Lover and an American too, always looking for improvement and enlightenment in my way. There's nothing interesting in talking about me, but let me get you to know that I am a friend of you right now, because you're reading this post.

I'm not an orthodox blogger in any way so, you can expect anything good and mad from me. I'll try to make this blog interesting and entertained all the time and you, the visitor, please comment in every post. I am a blogger trying to reach high on Internet but not a money interested person. I think happiness is what everybody is looking for in this world. Me too.

I hope you enjoy my blog and keep visiting regularly. Nice to meet you and take care of yourself. Bye.

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