Tattoo and Body Art Expo in Australia

Hello, Tattoo Lovers. This is a little chronicle of The Third Tattoo and Body Art Expo in Australia, one of the best tattoo expositions worldwide. This time, Sydney and Melbourne were full of tattoo expositors showing their rare, special, unique and crazy tattoos. You will watch, in the videos below, some of the best tattoos exposed, and the people who are proud of living with them. This Tattoo Convention is the largest in the southern hemisphere and one of the best worldwide.


2011 Sydney Tattoo Expo Video Clip

Australians seem to love tattoos. And this Tattoo Expo have exposed all their talents and skills. Yes, lots of artists and expositors showing their work and art. Like the beautiful white girl exposing her tattooed arms and the girl with the thinking teen in her lower-right back. Even all-face tattooed guys are present, many of them, showing their tattooed faces because these kind of tattoos are gaining popularity worldwide.

Tattoo Artists showed their skills tattooing men and women openly, just to earn some points and clients. Outside the building, a crazy motorcyclist almost had an accident.

Bikinis, thongs, crazy girls, motorcyclists, tattoo fanatics. Everything you can imagine was present on the Expo. The Time when tattoos were almost exclusive for men has gone. Now, even beautiful women and Hollywood artists show their tattoos wherever they go.

2011 Melbourne Tattoo Expo Video Clip

In the case of Melbourne, this was its first time making a Tattoo Expo, and I think the city are going to be proud to host more of them.

At the silhouette of the Opera, The Third Tattoo and Body Art Expo was unleashed, breaking records and gaining more international attention. Now, the 4th edition of the Expo will be on March 9th, 10th and 11th, 2012, on Halls 3 and 4, Sydney Showground (Corner Australia Avenue & Riverina Avenue.) Sydney Olympic Park NSW, 2127. If you can travel to Australia, go ahead and tell us about the Expo.

Well, see you later, mates. I hope you liked these Tattoo and Body Art Expos in Australia. Keep loving tattoos and don't forget to tell your friends about this post. I will be posting more tattoo news and posts as soon as possible. Good bye.

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