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What do you think this blog is about? Every good site has an About page, so, I want mine too. As its name suggests, American Tattoos is focused in all kind of Tattoos, but in an American way. However, our posts and news talk about all tattoo places and countries, internationally. This blog is for your entertainment, no matter in where you are reading this from. If you have a Tattoo Hobby, I recommend you to Subscribe by Email or follow our RSS Feed either, just to stay in contact.

I'm gonna try to update my blog as regularly as possible, two times a week at least, just to get you informed about the latest news in the Fantastic Tattoo World. My work is to publish good posts and articles, and to make good comments is yours so, please, don't hesitate to comment in every post. I want to hear your opinion too, and how I can improve my blog for your benefit. Just give me fresh ideas.

Now, it's time to thank your attention and wish you Love, Money and Health (and Good Tattoos too). Keep enjoying my blog, bookmark it and tell your friends about it. See you later, folks. (Note: Please, DO NOT think that the dark girl above is me. I'm a man and like women. I just posted her because she looks mad. Bye.)

Funny Tattoo Love
Art by oazen2008 from DeviantArt

Once you have met AmericanTattoos.Blogspot.com, I think it's time to read About Me.

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