Ruby Dickinson, World's youngest tattoo Art

Most kids as young as 3 years will more people choose to play, but it is different with Ruby Dickinson (3 years) are still fairly small have the expertise to make a tattoo.

In addition to his father (Dickinson) is a tattoo artist, but maybe Ruby Dickinson also has tattooo destined to become the youngest artist in the world. Ruby Dickinson has certainly taught him a lot, but if Ruby Dickinson does not have the natural talent of the presence of his father, a tattoo artist is also not much help.

His father, Dickinson, 36, imported from the U.S. tattooo ink that has been designed specifically for use by a child's hand.

Ruby will get a mini tattoo equipment for his fourth birthday in October.

Mr Dickinson told North Wales Pioneer: "Ruby is very aware he grew older, he can not wait. He wants to become a tattoo artist when she grows up.

"The goal is to get a tattoo on my foot with a message for my birthday the 40th."

He learned from his own father and several times to practice with his father's toy store. Mr. Dickinson hopes to beat the record Darrigade Emilie, a Canadian, who mentattoo part of her father's arm a butterfly when he was five years old.

According to his father, Ruby can almost make his father's favorite design, namely the spider. "I had no idea that he would use Van Gogh, when he was only 3 years old," said Mr Dickinson told The Sun.

"But 70% of body full of tattoos and I've only left little room for Ruby to tattoo me."

Mr. Dickinson, who runs Inkaholics Anonymous at his home in Penmaenmawr, Conwy, added: "It would be a proud and very special for me and for my son."