Family planning for happy and successful life

Family planning for happy and successful life
Who Expert committee defined Family planning as “a way of thinking and living that is adopted voluntary upon the basis of knowledge ,attitude and responsible decision by individuals and couples.”
The main objectives of
Family planning is to avoid unwanted births.
The family planning brings about wanted births.
Family planning regulates the intervals between pregnancies.
Family planning controls the time at which birth occurs in relation to the ages of the parents.
Family planning determines the number of children in the family.
The eligible couples refers to a currently married couple where in the wife is in the reproductive age, which is generally assumed to lie between the ages of 15 and45.
Target couples are the couples who have had 2-3 living children, it also includes families with one child or even newly married couples with a view to develop acceptance of the idea of family planning from the earliest possible.
Contraceptive Failure Rate
It is defined as pregnancy rates per 100 women during first year of use of contraceptives.
They are broadly grouped as
-Spacing: For family planning knowledge of spacing is most important.
Family planning in Nepal
Family planning services are provide free of cost by the Government of Nepal, Contraceptive Retail Sales (CRS) company is responsible for its distribution. Depo-Provera is the most popular contraceptive method in Nepal.