Health Education Is Important For Everyone

Health Education

Health education is the education about how to live healthy in our society. The health education is very important .We all know that “Health is Wealth”. Without health we cannot do any thing .The is the most prior thing in our life. We live in a society .Society is made up of families. So that we all know about heath education. And the very important thing is that our environment must be healthy. If our environment is healthy then we can feel healthy life. We do not disturb environment of animals, birds. Health education is indispensable in achieving individual and community health. It’s a process propose at encouraging people to want to be healthy, to know to stay healthy, to do what they can individually and collectively to maintain health and to seek help when needed. It changes knowledge, practice and attitude. Health education has four popular and well known approaches that are Service approach, Health education, Regulatory approach, Primary health care approach. Communication is main thing that exchange ideas, information and feelings. There are four ways of communication Sender i.e. Source, message i.e. Content, and channels (medium), Receiver (Audience) .There are different methods to give health education.
1. Individual methods: It involves person to person communication. The limitation is that the numbers we reach are small and health education is given only it those who come in contact example counseling and interviews.
2.Small group methods: Group teaching is an effective way of educating the community example Demonstration, Problem solving, Role field playing trip, Panel discussion, Brain storming, Symposium, Buzz session and case study.
3. Mass method: This is the education of general publics. Like as from Lecture, Campaigns, exhibition, Newspaper, Posters, TV, Radio, Internet. aids. The main principles of Health education are
The media of health education are Audio aids, Visual aids, Audio-visual Awareness Trail, Evaluation, Interest and Adoption.