Environmental physics

Environmental physicsEnvironmental physics

What is exactly the definition of Environmental Physics?. There are so many definition of it .
In the increasingly and modern technology, applied physics plays a vital role to understanding
the effect of new and the existing technologies on environment.There is the direct impact on society also. Mathematical modeling, ionosphere-magnetosphere interactions and simulations of electromagnetic phenomena. Mathematical modeling is the main physical processes of these studies and electrodynamics simulations of the solar wind.It also analysis the energy usage and emissions in urban transportation.The applied physics collaborated with Department of Natural resources and the environment ,Atmospheric ,Oceanic , Space science and Geology. Also the Environmental Physics concerns with all species of life survive and reproduction.It also involves in mathematical analysis that describe the physical processes of the environment and many biological processes.Environmental Physics gives the ideas about the complex response of animals and plants on environmental change. Now a days the Environment change has made both politician and public aware of its effect like as global weather,global warming etc.mostly the biologists atmospheric scientists and weather forecast
and modeler.These global warming and water cycles and weather change plays vital role in Agricultural fields. So we all public, politician should be aware of it.